Training the Trainers

Many years in this noble profession have given us a privileged insight into the development of your employees. Our experience and expertise have given us a wealth of pedagogical knowledge and know-how, which we share with your Learning & Development teams.

The Wind Rose supports you in your training strategy and in developing the skills of your teams:

Training strategy:

  • setting up your training department
  • drawing up skills development plans for your field staff
  • assessing your junior and experienced trainers
  • supporting your community of trainers

Educational engineering:

  • multimodal training strategy
  • designing and writing classroom programmes and modules
  • digital gamification in classroom
  • digital training and its tools

Training the trainers:

  • knowledge of adult learning mechanisms
  • learner management
  • mastery of facilitation techniques, both in classroom and remotely
  • adaptability and personalization of training courses
  • trainer coaching

Give a man a fish
and he’ll eat once.
Teach him to fish,
and he eats for a lifetime!