Training & Coaching Facilitation

It is especially important to train your sales people in person and coach them at the point of sale, even if they have followed independent training modules. This ensures durable knowledge retention and real life practice.

Our fun approach, inspired by Anglo-Saxon active learning methods, produces quick and concrete results.

The Wind Rose supports you in:

The training of your sales people in the art of the sales conversation, clienteling and customer service

The training of your e-commerce operators in the art of telephone sales

The training of your managers in the art of managing a luxury boutique

The training of your high-end sales people (High Jewelry/Watches – Haute Couture – Luxury Leather Goods – Special Orders)

The training of your associates in communications and sales in a multicultural context

Retail coaching: supporting your sales people on site

Education is the kindling of a flame,
not the filling of a vessel.