Aurélie Leborgne

When I was growing up, I wasn’t interested in luxury. I dreamed of writing books and telling beautiful stories. But all that changed when I was 22 years old and Louis Vuitton crossed my path. He put his faith in me and it was love at first sight. I discovered the treasures of his famous workshops in Asnieres, the suitcases, the leather, and above all the craftsmanship. I stayed for 7 years.

Luxury then became my passion. «Luxury is in each detail» said Hubert de Givenchy. Each one of those details largely merits that we tell its story.

Now my profession is telling the story of luxury – the creations, the textures of leather, the shoe buckles and the handbags. I write to create training modules that give words to the products and the boutiques.

I enjoy sharing my passion, which is what I do every day with my students of luxury marketing and those whom I train in retail and luxury products.