Constance Calvet


From my father’s family – wine merchants from Bordeaux France – I inherited a keen interest in commerce. My mother’s family, the founders of the luxury house Christofle, gave me an innate appreciation for exceptional craftsmanship. And my passion for the art of conversation was undoubtedly a gift from my maternal grandmother, the wife of an ambassador.

Japan has always held a very special place in my heart; I have spent a lot of time there and speak the language.

Professionally, Dior was my greatest source of inspiration. It was there, where I spent 7 years of my career, that I learned everything about the field of professional training and the inner workings of a company. « Whatever you do, do it with passion » the great fashion designer liked to say. I am proud to have made those words my life motto.

The nautical symbol, the wind rose, decorated the entry hall to Dior’s cherished childhood home in Granville France. It was the inspiration for the name of my firm which I founded in 2008, and which I continue to lead today with great joy.