Eric Lahure

« Thanks and see you soon! »

A sale is not an end, but a beginning…

When one acquires a prestigious creation, one is actually fulfilling a dream. And when one wears or uses the desired creation, it starts to become part of their life. To ensure that the client’s experience of living with the creation lives up to the initial dream, the sales associates must continue to be present, human and knowledgeable, long after the precious moment of acquisition.

Travelling the world for many years for L’OREAL perfumes and LALIQUE crystal, I came to understand humanity.
That which separates us: our cultures, our traditions, our languages
That which unites us: our emotions, our desires, our fears
That which we expect: to be listened to, to be helped, to receive service
That which we hope for: trust

With that in mind, I help sales associates from the most prestigious luxury houses increase their client’s confidence, wherever they are in the world, and for as long as the relationship continues.

Luxury is providing an excellent hospitality. That is exactly what I transmit to my students at AIM, the International Academy for Hotel Management and Tourism in Paris