Isaure de Foucaud

I have always had wanderlust. I love to discover new places, different cultures and people. Personal development has always been very important to me.

After studying dramatic arts and psychology in England, I decided to pursue a career in sales. I realized sales had many similarities to the subjects I had studied – performance and humanity, to sum it up in two words!

After 10 years in sales, in different fields, my path led me to Christian Dior Couture in the Arab Emirates. From this rich experience, I discovered my life’s calling: professional training and knowledge transmission.

My deep interest in people has led me to continually develop new skills in order to better help others grow and discover their own capacities.

Today I am based in Belgium, where I create and lead programs across the globe for luxury Houses who appreciate my creativity, my affinity for the stage, and my natural ability to connect with others.