Marie Jury

« What cannot be eschewed must be embraced » Shakespeare wrote.
While on a unique and passionate voyage, combining art history, cultural mediation and luxury management, I discovered training by sheer chance and was immediately drawn in to this discipline. And then I realized that everything I had done before made perfect sense.

While at CHANEL Watches and Jewelry, I met Constance Colombier and discovered THE WIND ROSE. Thanks to that serendipitous meeting, I had the opportunity to change how I worked. To sum it up in two words: independence and diversity. The independence of an exciting adventure that I create every day; and the diversity of varied projects, each one completely unique.

A jack-of-all-trades with an insatiable curiosity, I am so fortunate to have a career that constantly encourages me to reinvent myself and discover new horizons.
My areas of specialty are designing, digitalizing and running training sessions. What could be better for pursuing the adventure aboard the Archipelago!