Emilie Jardry

Very early on I knew that I wanted to join the world of fashion and luxury. I was drawn by the boundless imagination and the beauty of what I call the “gestures” specific to these fields. The “gestures” of craftsmen in their workshops. And the “gestures” of salespeople, who like artists, bring luxury creations to life and are the true ambassadors of this unique savoir-faire.

I began my career in the Training Centre at the Christian Couture “Dior Academy”, where my total immersion in this universe became the source of great inspiration. The secrets I gleaned from everything I saw and experienced, I transmitted in the training tools I was in charge of. To help sales teams discover their “raison d’etre” and enable them to sell luxury creations with conviction and emotion, I also developed my teaching skills. Over my seven years with the Christian Couture “Dior Academy”, I was able to nourish my passion for beauty and perfect my ability to design training tools, across all categories.

My path then led me first to Lanvin and then to Bonpoint. At these two Houses I developed training strategies and designed tailor-made, operational training tools. After rolling out the tools in stores around the world, I tracked their performance. During that time, I realized how much joy I experienced spending time with managers in the boutiques and building bonds with salespeople who appreciated my strong desire to understand their challenges. It was during my four years with Lanvin and Bonpoint that I mastered the different areas of Retail and adopted the mantra of the business – “Retail is all about details”.

Today as part of The Wind Rose team, I share my wealth of experience, my deep knowledge and expertise in training in order to transmit the beauty of selling and ignite the passion of new sales advisors.